Bus trip (jorio)

We stand too close
breathing our mutual breathes.
The road is meandering,
I feel your skin.

We hold on nicely,
swaying by every turn.
The bus is crowded
in hot Summer landscape.

Stopped: passengers are leaving,
your body invites mine.
You step out last.
The door shuts again.

Seats enough, I stand,
see your lifting hand,
my journey already over,
destiny reached in your eyes.


Comments on: "Bus trip (jorio)" (12)

  1. Wow this is grest!byou are too good! Lol L&H xx

  2. Oh sh**t! Me and my typos! “This is great!” šŸ˜Š

  3. Widow Beach said:

    You make it easy for the reader to take the bus trip with you!

  4. You have really influenced Nick Moore, Ina, and I think I see why. These tight forms fit the way your write poetry. What I like about this particular poem is the story in it and the spinning out that occurs when the bones of the story are filled in by the mind. This is good work, Ina.

    • Thank you very much Thomas! šŸ™‚ I like that idea of bones of a story šŸ™‚ and it is good for the mind to have something to do!

  5. VERY sensuous, Ina! And I love Thomas’ comment, and, like you, the idea of the bones of a story. To be fleshed out … XO ā™„

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