In early hours will the daily din
awake you out of dreams with fractioned view,
this moment all the world seems strange and new
to make you feel a nosy alien.

The day is waiting for you to begin,
the windows covered yet in morning dew,
outside some vague contours, a lonely few
already drunk, same state as you are in.

Some coffee might just do the trick you know,
make you forget the reason and the cause,
for drinking through the night as you have done.

Ambition, money, job means you must go.
Another grey spot in this world with flaws,
you feel revived, your hangover is gone.


Comments on: "After the night before (italian sonnet)" (10)

  1. you handle these classical forms effortlessly – bravo

  2. A lot of that feels rather familiar, Ina…the worry is that I often feel I have that morning-after ‘fractioned view’ without a night before..! You’ve definitely conquered the Italian sonnet now – bravo indeed! N.x

    • Thank you very much Nick, it was your blog that reminded me of them 🙂 And of course you know to do them really well! x

  3. Widow Beach said:

    I agree with Paul–and will add that you seem to be a magician!

  4. A lament! In an Italian sonnet form. You have met the challenge, Ina. I believe all three of us, the incomparable Nick Moore, you, and I can say that we have written an Italian sonnet. Wonderful.

    • Thank you very much Thomas. 🙂 I wonder if there are combinations possible, of the Droigneach and sonnet forms. I think I want to try that now. This might keep me busy for a while 🙂

  5. Excellent! XO ♥

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