Now walking is an issue more than norm,
as rotting knees prevent my daily round,
no excercise can keep me well and sound,
my body lost its shape, is losing form.

I’m wrecked in ice and sea before a storm,
my hope is gone to get to safer ground,
and godforsaken I shall die, unfound;
how can I feel not bad but good and warm?

You say a new knee might just do the trick,
I must admit this sounds as if good sense,
the specialist will help, my hope returns.

Maybe one day I’ll lose that wretched stick.
Although I think his skills must be immense
to make me whole – I shall not have concerns.



Comments on: "New knee (Italian sonnet)" (15)

  1. Widow Beach said:

    Praying for your healing, Ina–knee problems are a bummer.

  2. With my editor’s hat on I like seeing people trying the sonnet forms.

  3. Oh, this one spoke to me, Ina. I have osteoarthritis in my knees but apparently I’m too young (ha!) to have them replaced. Rather than sort me out now, while I’m active and have (I hope) many years ahead of me, the National Health Service thinks it’s better to wait until I’m in my 70s. Tsk.
    Anyway, I hope things are better for you soon. And I can assure you, you have powers and agility as a poet that nothing can diminish. N.x

    • Thank you Nick, I am so sorry that you suffer from that. They told me too that I am too young to replace my knee, I have arthrosis ( in various parts of my body) , but my physician told me to go again and demand surgery and to replace the knee. I am going March 25. My other knee is starting too and I don’t want to become a total invalid when something can be done. ! Those knew knees can work for over 25 years so my doc says. Good luck to you and I hope they will change their minds! xx

  4. Well done – I have never managed a decent sonnet. Sorry about your knee problems, my hubby has the same and is putting off a replacement as long as possible!

  5. One we know of the junior surgeon made a right mess of it and our friend wished it had never been done. He eventually got compensation and it has been re-done but now rattles!!!!

    • That sounds awful! My physician already told me the name of a doctor he doesn’t want me to have for a surgeon. I think it usually goes well. I hope.

  6. You can hope the surgeon does as well with your knee as you did with this sonnet ( which really is pretty good, I think!)

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