I’m not my pain,
it is an alien
trying to take over,
not what should remain.

I’m not my fears,
they are vicious shadows
living in my nightmares;
I am not my tears.

My identity by choice
would be a writer,
woman, friend and lover,
free, using my voice.


Comments on: "Identity" (17)

  1. I love the simple power of this piece, Ina. And it’s wonderful to see someone else writing in rhyme, too – we’re an increasingly rare breed these days! Delightful. N.x

    • Hi Nick, I am so glad to see your comment, thank you! πŸ™‚ Well, rhyming can make some poems stronger I think, and on other occasions, I like the free verse. You , of course are the master of rhyme! πŸ™‚ x

  2. Fantastic tone to this, well done.

  3. Widow Beach said:

    My identity is probably like a spool of thread the cat got hold of.

  4. I am not what I think I am but what I think, I am…

  5. I like that simple device of bracketing rhymes.

  6. A very powerful piece stated so simply that it gives added strength to the message.

    Well done you

    Much love

    David xxx

  7. Of course. Who else would you be?

  8. And your poetry especially speaks of what you are, Ina, encapsulated in the last stanza!

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