When you spoke
about your sincerest love
for my furry feline,
how was I to know
that you really meant
that lazy cat of mine?



Comments on: "Ailurophile" (32)

  1. Haha! You keep teaching me new words and mine isnt your first language! Lol L&H xx

  2. I think my next book to read may have to be the dictionary!! 😄xx

  3. You made me smile there, as Christine says, for someone whose first language is not English your ability with it, and the meanings you can extract from it are quite remarkable, They really are 🙂

    • Thank you very much Peter. It is like an adventure to explore a bit more of this magnificent language 🙂

  4. Naughty but nice!

  5. I’m blushing

  6. A good morning chuckle…

  7. Widow Beach said:

    Oh, you’ve cracked me up–woken me from my late afternoon blur!!

  8. Been there.

  9. Purrrrrrrr….

  10. *Big Grin*

    Much Love


  11. You are so naughty. Don’t change, whatever you do. N.xx

  12. I’m blushing … and smiling. You are really wicked sometimes, my friend … in the nicest possible way, of course! XO ♥

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