Unwritten chapters

I wonder what you think
when we lie in the grass,
your head resting in my lap
as if you are a book to read
and you sleep or pretending.

What are your thoughts about,
of what do you dream? I don’t know
what to think of the cover
until you open your eyes;
then your mind is an open book.

I read how your story went
from childhood until now,
to where the empty pages start.
After that, each chapter
should be a romance in Spring.



Comments on: "Unwritten chapters" (13)

  1. Love the analogy in this Ina! Another lovely poem. L&H xx

  2. Widow Beach said:

    Oh WOW, I love that last line!

  3. “To where the empty pages start…” nice turn, and as Christine says, a lovely analogy

  4. Another lovely gentle love poem.

    You do them so well

    Much Love

  5. touched by your words as always Ina…they fill my days with gentle beauty…

  6. A wonderful love poem. How do we see each other? Even if we have been married 47 years and have been happy? Our minds dance behind our eyes. Our lives are contained there. This poem sparked so thought and musing, Ina.

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