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Slowly walking

5maart14 008

I’m slowly walking,
sensing wilderness,
each step outdoors
each walk a new adventure.

Watching time,
measured in clouds
and hearing grass grow,
abundancy lies underneath my feet.

Slowly I shall walk back home
to the self I left behind,
to the talk
and to my mind that took all in.

Unwritten chapters

I wonder what you think
when we lie in the grass,
your head resting in my lap
as if you are a book to read
and you sleep or pretending.

What are your thoughts about,
of what do you dream? I don’t know
what to think of the cover
until you open your eyes;
then your mind is an open book.

I read how your story went
from childhood until now,
to where the empty pages start.
After that, each chapter
should be a romance in Spring.


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