The world can best be kept out,
no one entering the house, phones out,
no television, only sounds
of nesting blackbirds
for whom it’s just another Spring.


Comments on: "Tension" (21)

  1. You see how clever you are. The last two lines give the whole,verse perspective. That is really clever. I’m smiling at it because it is, which may seem a strange reaction to the work.

  2. Widow Beach said:

    Oh, I think I would like to have the blackbirds’ perspective. Lovely.

  3. Youve just given me a lovely sense of calm Ina, thank you! What an absolute delight this is. L&H xx

  4. Oh, I do like this.

    It has a certain resonance with the post I am about to put up 🙂


  5. I am sure the blackbirds have a better perspective on the world than I do.

  6. Springs are a precious few in the life of the average blackbird – best we should listen to the song, eh?

  7. I love this, Ina, as others have said … the blackbirds have the best perspective. Not unlike my recent post about the geese migrating with belief that spring will come. They do what they do and the rest follows. Beautiful. XO ♥

    • Hi Diane thank you very much! 🙂 I love that posting of yours, with the beautiful goose! 🙂 Nature always seems confident! ♥ xx

  8. Perfect my friend..a gem…

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