If that time comes

What would you grab if we
had to leave the house in a hurry?
I know you – probably the toothpaste
or a tin opener, your Swiss knife
instead of photo albums, things I gave you
or framed pictures. Our letters.
What of me would you take with you
if we were to be separated by force?

Maybe you would make time to search but I doubt
that anything of me is to accompany you,
dragged through fire, water, gunfights,
while I probably shall find myself
carrying a trunk full of
almost forgotten moments of us
and all the way to whatever safety
not for a second letting it out of my sight.


Comments on: "If that time comes" (22)

  1. Mirada said:


  2. “A trunk full of almost forgotten moments” – fabulous line, fabulous poem L& H xx

  3. It’s interesting to think about….if you suddenly had to leave, with just the clothes on your back, and whatever you could grab and carry…….

  4. Wondering how valuable yuou are in another’s life, when a real challenge is made to your circumstances is often unsettling I fear

    • It probably would be lol . I hope never to find out! But I am sure the most important things then will be memories and they are easy to carry?

  5. Diverging priorities put passion in perspective – nicely worked Ina.

  6. I left a lot of photographs behind one time before.

    This time I would take them!!

    Much Love


    • Maybe it is a good idea to backup photo’s in a cloud on internet πŸ™‚ Then you would have your hands free!

      Much love to you too

  7. I suspect this is a double-edged love poem, Ina. You would take with you him. Him? Well… But I suspect that you do not suspect what would really happen. Poets rarely do, I suspect.

  8. Great poem, Ina, and your words make us think…what if? πŸ™‚ xo

    • Thank you Lauren. It is a reality for many people to find oneself bereft, but until it really happens, I think I have no idea what I would do!

  9. In some way I feel I experienced this, Ina. When I “left’ my ex in England (at the time I wanted him to come to the US with me), I took so much “of him” with me, and it seemed that he could let me go so more easily. Of course … and I do like Thomas’ comment … that may have been my perception, but not the truth … XO

    • That is so sad. Memories of good times are only a little comfort perhaps, but they might at least last. Big hug {{{ Diane }}}

      • Thanks for the hug, Ina! Well, it was meant to be exactly as it was. A few years after I returned to the US I met someone who could well have been my twin soul. Alas, not to be a physical relationship, but meeting him transformed my life and my writing is full of inspiration from and love for him … XO β™₯

  10. Thought provoking and great poem…I’d grab my laptop for sure as it has all my photos, writings and communications that matter. Guess it all depends on the nature of the emergency…if really dire…”gunfights” and their ilk…would be wise to travel light and fast…

    • Hi John, thank you very much. I hope you back up your stuff, as laptops have a tendency to crash! Well mine do after a while. The one I am using now has several signs that its end is coming. I remember that my grandmother always had a tin with important papers her children were taught to take with them if something happened, no matter what. My mother also had something like that, insurance papers. I don’t as these days, insurance is digital anyway. Just grab the birds and I am out of here lol.

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