After you

I won’t recover easily from you,
back into the earth of loneliness I’ll go
with the smell of decay,
alone, remembering, all bones
and skin and useless will my body be
but it once knew how to please you.

So will my mornings be,
every morning and every afternoon
I shall be dying more away from you.
Away from you, an unbearable phrase
as is the thought. The truth in words
that I can not say without fear.

My afternoons will be filled
with reading your letters out loud
and hear words from when we had no idea,
from before our hands held each other,
before our eyes met,
or was it after. The ink is fading.

So will my evenings be,
in twilight when your shadow seems to haunt,
when silence kills my screaming
before the night takes all of me
in dreams. Of course I shall get over you,
I just won’t recover easily.


Comments on: "After you" (17)

  1. Mirada said:

    Oh WOW, this is beautifully familiar, though I’ve chosen never to get over mine.

    • That is how the first version ended 🙂 It was tempting to keep that, but I felt like a drama queen.

      • Mirada said:

        Oh, but if it’s done well, “drama queen” is easy for the masses to relate to. Don’t hold back.

        • But sofar I have always gotten over… 🙂 So this time, if it comes, I shall too, after a while! Not sure I could or would want to write a poem for the masses, (and I don’t have masses of readers) though it is nice if people can relate! 🙂

  2. Oh this is superb Ina! You actually brought back to me feelings that I had ….years ago! It’s the way you take us through the unbearable day, the thought of being without that someone being awful enough for that time alone then there’s tomorow and… Just fabulous!

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much. Sometimes I try to imagine how it would be (again) as if to prepare myself for the inevitable. I also know that is impossible, L&H xx

  3. You imagine so well! And Im glad it’s imposible! ❤

  4. Wow, Ina! This is fabulous and it reminds me of days long gone and of horrible emotions to deal with…moments we think we’ll never live through, but we do! Beautiful!

  5. This sounds real. That means that it is well done.

  6. hurts to go there even though your words are beautiful…

  7. Very deeply felt, Ina! Recovery is hard, but if we have ourselves in the end, that is a lot. XO ♥

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