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After you

I won’t recover easily from you,
back into the earth of loneliness I’ll go
with the smell of decay,
alone, remembering, all bones
and skin and useless will my body be
but it once knew how to please you.

So will my mornings be,
every morning and every afternoon
I shall be dying more away from you.
Away from you, an unbearable phrase
as is the thought. The truth in words
that I can not say without fear.

My afternoons will be filled
with reading your letters out loud
and hear words from when we had no idea,
from before our hands held each other,
before our eyes met,
or was it after. The ink is fading.

So will my evenings be,
in twilight when your shadow seems to haunt,
when silence kills my screaming
before the night takes all of me
in dreams. Of course I shall get over you,
I just won’t recover easily.

Ode to life

Life is so beautiful
that it needs no make-up,
no justification.
Watching clouds move in never seen shapes.

Indulging imagination, see a lamb play in the grass,
feeling the warmth of a friendly soul,
being in a state of peace
in a war troubled world.

It has nothing to do with a lack of worry.
Life is too beautiful to see worries in a negative way.
To let pain take over. To think you deserve better.
You don’t, this is it.

I am grateful for every moment that I am.
The worst may be yet to come,
we shall cry about so much,
our future now being so uncertain.

The best, so much I know,
is shared with you. Is maybe history,
but even so:
Life is that beautiful.

just realizing how great it is to live πŸ™‚ It is Spring! That might have something to do with it!

Watching war

There is always a war somewhere you say
and you zap further away to The Simpsons.
But the image is going to stay in my mind
for the rest of the day and the night.

Each family has a history, I know,
incredible stories for Winter eves,
how the cities were bombed, how to survive,
about life, about loss, about hunger.

You don’t make the connection, I say,
what happened then, is that not happening now?
But The Simpsons are true enough for your mind,
and there will always be war anyway.

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