I watch you as you are sleeping
so soon after we made love
during the early morning hours
while the sun slowly enters the room.
Outside black birds are making nests now,
above us I can hear last years couple,
or so we think they are,
as they chose the same place on the roof
where a cat killed their earlier offspring
and with each flutter
your breathing alters,
after every song they sing,
you moan a bit.
Later you will tell me
that you dreamt of flying
and that you heard your mother
sing a lullaby while you felt
her hand on your face
and in tears you will try
and find an explanation.
I’ll know it was the sound
of black birds making nests
and that the hand
was mine when I tried
to make you part
of a moment of mine
but I agree that it means
you are safe now
so you can sleep on
through all the beauty of the day.
I lie beside you with open eyes
knowing that in the garden
the cat is waiting as well.


Comments on: "Guard" (17)

  1. Wow, you write such powerfully emotive poetry, Ina.

    • Thank you Mirada. I have enjoyed reading yours lately 🙂 Hope to read much more of your poetry !

      • I appreciate your thoughts, Ina. There are a number of poets in our community who always raise the bar of excellence higher–I’m finding it difficult to be as consistently “good” as some of them….

  2. Wonderful poem Ina! Xx

  3. That cat at the end is a really nice touch!

  4. Another gem Ina, with the humour in the last line leqving me smiling L&H xx

  5. I agree 😊 xx

  6. OMG Ina, OMG…

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