Watching you eat meat makes me wonder,
what would you not eat?
Things of plastic maybe,
spiders, sand, wood, concrete,
oysters, feathers, toys.

I don’t think you would put
any of that in your mouth.
But you do eat a piece of animal.
Would you eat human flesh
if you were hungry enough?

Why not, you will say.
I try a bit of bloody cow
and again it tastes of decay.
You say the carrots had feelings too.
Did they not have a life as well?

We can’t eat anything
without destroying the living.
An inconvenient truth.
That is why death
takes revenge by means of our rot.

Comments on: "Meat" (17)

  1. Inconvenient, not unconvenient I suppose 🙂 I shall not post too soon, I shall not post too soon, I shall not…

  2. Wow, something to ponder here!! But Im glad I had already eaten (vegetarian!) when I read it! Lol

    L&H xx

  3. Lines from one of my poems –

    “I could be a vegetarian
    if bacon grew on trees.”

    🙂 xxx

  4. as a vegetarian for over 40 years I have learned that logical arguments with meat eaters go nowhere…I don’t eat meat because it doesn’t feel good or right, for my body or my moral consciousness…they eat meat because they don’t feel this…that’s life, that’s death. Whatever you write about Ina is always food for thought..

    • Meat tastes of death, maybe that is why so many people stopped eating meat. There are months I don’t eat meat at all. I remember when meat was only put on the table on Sundays for most families. I often wondered about fish, but I do eat fish. I don’t even want to think about eggs!

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