Outdoors to go

The walls of this house keep us together
while shadows are stalking every movement
and doors close with infinite bangs and draught.

Sunlight is fighting your silhouette on the floor,
we know there are some flowers already blooming.
Are you really afraid we might lose each other?

I open a window and see, a stray cat enters,
we can’t keep the world out of our house
and the walls can’t keep us from moving.


Comments on: "Outdoors to go" (10)

  1. Wow, Ina–I think you’re a phenomenal writer. Your poems capture me, draw me in–and then I can barely get out again.

  2. First poem to come to after the visit from Ireland, christening and all!! And its beautiful as ever Ina.

    And now Im shattered! πŸ˜„ L&H xx

  3. I’m greatly impressed by this piece. ‘Sunlight fighting silhouette’ is such an inspired, active interpretation. Fabulous image and sentiment Ina – well done.

  4. what a gem Ina, what a beauty…

  5. Love that final stanza.

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