Doves of Seoul

After the Olympic tragedy in Seoul
where a number of white doves got burnt alive
in the holy flames of the Olympic spirit,
no one in my family ever wanted to be
a part of the audience to watch.

And so we didn’t see much of the games
until our fellow countrymen
became speed skating heroes this Winter
which made us temporarily patriotic
watching several ceremonies
while eating take away
roasted chicken for convenience.

In defense I can say
that the chickens were already dead
at the moment of the purchase.
But maybe the lives of the white doves
had been better than those of the chickens
ever were, in the silent pain
that is bio-industry.


Comments on: "Doves of Seoul" (14)

  1. Changed “on the moment” into “at the moment” as I think that is better. Also did some other changes after posting, I should not be so impatient!

  2. Your words are always thought provoking and beautiful. You are one of those people who, in my opinion, should be more famous than they are, and for the right reasons

    • Thank you Peter πŸ™‚ Fame, I don’t need fame, I am grateful if I can learn a bit and write poetry πŸ™‚ that’s all really.

  3. This, I think, is one of your very best poems.

    It points up so well and so gently the dichotomy between what we say and what we do.

    Well done

    Much Love


  4. I can’t for the life of me remember the dove incident – I don’t have the sensibility to such things, I guess – and yet, I should

  5. There’s poetry in everything, and you’re really good at discovering it, Ina!

  6. food for thought Ina, in many ways, and expressed so honestly in your brilliant poem…

  7. Oh, that Seoul incident was horrible … such things man does for effect … excellent poem – really brings home how nothing living is for our use … XO

    • Thank you Diane. Yes it was, and now there is that history of Sotchi (the massacre 150 years ago) but the ‘possitive’ thing is, that now, because of the Olympics, there is some attention for what happened in that region. I had never heard of those different nations that were driven out of their homelands by the Russians under the tsar.

      • I was listening to public radio yesterday and they were talking about Sochi as the summer retreat of Stalin – who was responsible for the masacre of millions. Oh, the brutality of man against man … the natural world will never match the capacity some humans have had (and, sadly, still have) for destruction and cruelty, I think.

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