The mayor’s wife lost her wallet
filled with money she won in a poker game
and a poor man found it, and because
he felt like it, he went to the pub to spend all.

He rose late the next morning
because he had a hangover,
so his wife took their huge dog
for a walk for the first time ever.

As she was not strong enough to hold the leash,
the dog escaped and killed a goat
that was about to be given
as a present to the wife of the mayor.

Because it was her birthday
and he could not give her a child.
And because he wanted her to have a scare.
Because he actually hated her.

The mayor left no stone unturned
and found out what had happened to the goat,
because of the dog, because of the man,
because of the wallet, because of his wife.

He divorced his wife because
he now knew of her secret gambling.
Because he now had a valid excuse.
Because she was damage to his career.

Because of this, she wrote a book
in revenge, using a ghostwriter
and revealing so much, the book became
a bestseller making the ghostwriter rich.

After which he married the mayor’s ex
and they now have two sons. Because
that is how love can be found. Because
you never know what money can do.

After the poem ‘What happened when he went to the store for bread’ by Alden Nowlan 😉


Comments on: "Because" (15)

  1. [l.9 ‘leash’]

  2. This is a good emulation. 🙂

  3. Wonderful,

    You have emulated well his sense of humour.

    This would have gone down well had you read it at the workshop!! 🙂

    Much Love


    • Hi David, thank you very much 🙂 also for bringing Nowlan to my attention. I would have loved to be there! 🙂

      Much love to you too


  4. Absolutely wonderful, Ina! All of the becauses in life, none of them making sense, but all of them logically linking together into illogical that becomes logical! Comedic and “and” from beginning to end. A great poem!

    • Thank you very much 🙂 I am glad. Maybe life is like that: one thing leading to another, without much logic, to end up where we find ourselves doing what we do. With all the drama and humour in it on our way 🙂

  5. everything’s connected…this made me smile…

  6. Great! This is so clever and made me smile. I must look at his poems.

    L&H xx

  7. Oh, that domino effect! This is kind of a fable noir, I think! XO ♥

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