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Remember standing here where the country ends in sea,
your arm was on my shoulder,
but where you here?
Was it so?
was it wind,
blowing a whisper,
comforting me as an embrace?
Sea ends here where land begins, that is what I remember.
A memory is all, a sea gulls’ cry, the smell of tar:
Not much I have to reconstruct you with,
but I do feel the hand now resting
and I know it is you again
like every time
I’m here.
is it true
that you where here?
Your arm was on my shoulder
and the smell of tar came from your ship
that sailed away so long ago
leaving me with memories
of better days we

Comments on: "Embracement" (12)

  1. Oh Ina…you did it to me again…heart overflowing…

  2. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness–you took me away, breathless.

  3. Oh I love this Ina. Another wonderful reflective love poem, as always. L& H xx

  4. Very sensory, Ina; very lovely! Happy Valentines Day! XO ♥

  5. This is beautiful! I felt like I was on the beach witnessing your reflection. Thanks.

  6. Always so full of beautiful and delicately expressed emotions and how a scene can make a memory reborn. You are a special poet and more xxx

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