Do we have children?

If they ask me how many children I have
I say: the number of how many legs
I stumble over at breakfast
divided by two, and still
that is not the exact answer
as all children remind me of grandparents and
all grandparents once were children
and we don’t own any of them
so do we own these, the legs in the room?

Which ones are mine, which are yours?
I count so many legs and divide by two and
know the answer is not correct.
Some children have no legs at all and
some just one. Some three? Not sure.
Can I count the chubby children double?
The moment I start dividing,
how do I know I am right, and that the answer
no matter what, always must be three?


Comments on: "Do we have children?" (14)

  1. Wow! You’ve gone off on a fascinating thought process here Ina! Ive never looked at it quite like this! L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, I often think 3 is not what I should answer, but 3 is what I usually say πŸ™‚ And do we have them or do they have us, or does that only apply to cats! πŸ™‚
      L&H xxx

  2. I always love the way your mind works and reflects. Such an interesting brain you have

  3. I rhink it definitely applies to children too!! Lol xxx

  4. But do your children stay still long enough to be counted? πŸ™‚

  5. Every time I read this it makes me smile


  6. Math always eluded the inherent abilities of my gray matter but somehow I understand, with a warm smile, what you are saying….

  7. Such a unique way of looking at the generations, Ina. Wonderful! XO β™₯

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