Away from you

I walked too far away from you quite often,
in mind and body, in a storm I ran into the sea,
so much there was to see elsewhere, I had to learn,
I wandered on my own, walked through
forests of the finest lace,
in deserts of darkness on I went,
but I always returned
crossing oceans to be home with you.

I went away too far from you too often,
doors were closed behind me
it wasn’t that I didn’t care, did not concern,
because you know how much I do,
I needed time and needed space;
but you always were my dearest friend,
and I always did come back
crossing oceans to stay home with you.

song written in a fever, it’s not a poem perhaps but the best I can do for now 🙂


Comments on: "Away from you" (16)

  1. Your best is way more than good enough Ina! This is lovely L&H xx

  2. Ah now, this is a lovely love poem 🙂

    Much Love

  3. I think it’s fabulous–resonates within me.

  4. I am, of course, sad for your fever Ina, but sometimes fevers and their ilk take us to places we would not ordinarily go. Your poem is from a magical place that touches me deeply, thank you for it. Please take great care of yourself and get well…

    • Hi John, thank you very much 🙂 It is weird, but I have written 2 Dutch short stories for competitions, a few poems also in Dutch also for competitions and a part of my regular Dutch novel in one day, while I was most feverish. Not too sure if that was either wise or not lol, but it is true a fever can give you energy somehow? 🙂 Thank you for the well wishes. Fever seems gone now! 🙂

  5. Ina, I love this and can truly relate to it.
    (Sorry to have missed so much here – am having trouble being on the computer much these days and hoping to catch up further with you and other poets I love.)

    • Hi Betty, so nice to see you again! Thank you very much and I hope you will get better soon! Best wishes. 🙂

  6. Very well done, fever or no. 🙂

  7. Feverishly beautiful, Ina! And this imagery was particularly lovely: ‘forests of the finest lace’! Hope you’re feeling much better. XO ♥

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