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Quiet time

4feb14 002

Iā€™m in a quiet time, not doing much
but write to you and contemplate
and wait for all bad stuff to pass,
to get through such a nasty phase,
I am afloat, not just some parts are numb
and others hurt, but all of me seems dying,
so out-of-place. Slow fingers
dropping glasses. Ghostlike I move through rooms.

a day without pain
would be so nice now and then
if only to dream

In quiet time Iā€™m waiting for a name
to call this time between the now and knowing
what is wrong. There is no name.
My view is mist. I live in quiet time,
the world is one big sizzling cloud of noise
outside my life that’s standing still
while others run around me,
overtaking mine.

But when I am outside, some miracle occurs
I see a fairy in the sky
maybe it is my mind that’s playing games,
but there she is, a sign to me that makes me smile.
Somehow the pain seems lesser now,
somehow it gives me hope
to better times ahead perhaps.
To know that I can cope! šŸ™‚

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