From the depth and dark
of the cave we called bed
we emerged,
and only for a short while,
to do some hunting in the fridge;
sometimes I just sent you to do so
while I made the cave in order.

Then we cooked
and looked at each other
over the fire we made
using the stove,
and back we went
into the cave again.
We lived
like Neanderthalers that Winter.

Now we have a central heated home
and we spend our evenings
in front of a screen.
Until we turn out the lights,
the heater and the TV.
At nights, we still are cavemen
feeling safety
in eachother’s arms.


Comments on: "Cavemen" (8)

  1. Ahh yes, good.

  2. perfect prehistoric ponderings..

  3. Its good we can still connect with our earthy roots despite all the screens!! L&H xx

  4. What a wonderful, comforting love poem.

    Much Love
    David xxx

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