The sizzling

On other occasions
we never listened
not to each other
not to the world
not to silence,
we only heard echoes

but now we both notice
the abyss sizzle
as we fall
louder and louder
knowing our landing
to be all that will echo.

Only that sizzling
on this last occasion
will be what mattered
more than the landing
more than the world
more than the echo.

All we have learnt
all what we know
all is a fraction
of a fall in an abyss,
when revelation
awaits at the end.

Comments on: "The sizzling" (8)

  1. I’m stunned, nearly speechless (quite a feat).

  2. Full od depth and introspection. I wonder what reflection was behind these telling words

  3. revelation
    awaits at the end

    That’s the rotten thing about revelation always being the last thing, always at the end. Sure could use it earlier in the journey. It is like you always find something you have misplaced at the last place you look.

  4. Thank you for your humanity, loving sensitivity and all, all of your poetry…you will never know how much you touch Ina…

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