Strangers on a funeral

Halfway during my walk
out of shadows and chaos
comes a sudden vision; so clear
is the sky, I should be able
to see God if he is in.

So grey was the sky then,
as we stood next to each other
saying goodbye at a funeral
that was covered
with black umbrella’s.

Only you and I were without shelter,
we got wet to the bone,
all I saw during the ceremony
was the brightness of flowers.
We seemed not to belong there.

And now half way on this walk
I remember clearly
how from the sky over the graveyard
a sunbeam shone on your hair then,
and how you wiped my tears away.

Had God been in, then,
it might have been a sign
that I was not left alone
but now all I have
is a vision of a memory.

I am halfway on my walk
knowing that no one else
has ever seen you
and chaos will soon
return in my life.

Comments on: "Strangers on a funeral" (17)

  1. What a terrific poem Ina! And the last two lines of the first stanza are just wonderful!

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much! Sometimes the sky looks like a window but no one seems home? πŸ™‚ L&H xx

  2. A very beautiful poem, Ina. By the way, when God is not in, where do you suppose he’s run off to?

  3. Reblogged this on misha4197's Blog and commented:
    Lovely poem

  4. Perhaps He was in when you perceived the sunbeam and thought those thoughts.

  5. A wonderful poem causing me to remember those occasions when God was in just when I needed him

    Much Love


  6. memories reaching deep…the closeness of life and others in the presence of death..the questions asked and the caring…so much you bring Ina…

  7. God likes playing hide n’ seek, I think! I love the contrasts in this … the somberness of the funeral and rain and yet the brightness of flowers. So many moments are like that …

  8. How could I leave this off my comment? XO β™₯

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