The swan

A swan you are, the way you curve
obnoxious though in your desire,
your wings burn red in morning fire as we
touch the other one in turn. The sunset
is the first thing that we see,
watching it together as it rises
out of the waves, new light to be,
embedding both of us with care
as promise for a future we don’t have.

Over the water your wings are spread,
your body now an arc above me,
sheltered from the world, from cold,
our sacred place, your voice,
that of a priest, seems old
and calm, and echoes in the temple,
over and over you say my name. I’m told
a swan again you’ll leave me
when I’m sleeping after dream.

De zwaan

Een zwaan ben je zoals je buigt,
maar hopeloos in je verlangen,
je vleugels branden rood in het ochtend vuur
als we de ander om beurten raken. De zon
is het eerste dat we zien,
we kijken samen hoe ze stijgt
uit de golven, pas geboren licht
dat ons met zorg omhult,
als een belofte voor een toekomst, niet de onze.

Boven het water zijn je vleugels gespreid,
je lichaam is nu een boog over mij,
beschut van de wereld, van kou
onze heilge plek, je stem,
die van een priester, klinkt oud
en kalm en echoot in de tempel,
steeds zeg je mijn naam. Men heeft me gezegd
dat je me als een zwaan zult verlaten
als ik in slaap ben na droom.


Comments on: "The swan" (16)

  1. Ina, this is absolutely stunning. So glad I followed.

  2. Always gentle probing beneath the surface of things, which you do so delightfully

  3. I enjoyed trying to read this aloud to myself in Dutch. Sounded great to me. It’s a good thing you couldn’t hear me, though, Ina!

  4. Gorgeous! I wanted to write a poem about a swan but it wouldn’t come and then I read Mary Oliver’s poem and gave hp trying after that! But I would never have thought about writing of a swan the way you have here! L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much, lol, well this was a bit different in the way of thinking of a swan I suppose! Sorry you were in the filter for some reason. L&H xx

  5. W.B. Yeats gave us the mythological “Leda and the Swan”, …and now we have Ina and “The Swan”….Good job!

  6. Hi Ina ! I am absolutely delighted I met you thanks to Diane’s review on your fascinating poems.I so much like your poems with an obvious touch of Romanticism and the way you approach life itself with your warm deep feelings and thoughts ! Your ” Swan ” s ending …
    line … when I.m sleeping after dream,stole my heart.You deeply touched me,Ina !!!
    All the very best,

  7. your swan song it is not…but it is…magical Ina…

  8. Just love the way this one rolls from line to line, stanza to stanza … with the gracefulness of a swan … the last verse, especially, quite magnificent, visionary. Lovely, Ina! XO β™₯

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