Diane M Denton wrote this wonderful story with the history of her own family in mind, and the result is beautiful, a young girl’s discovery of literature intertwined with the problems of her family (they move a lot) and the friendship with her neighbours, two sisters.
As always, Diane manages to build up a certain suspense in her story that makes you want to know more about these characters, these lives which she touches only by fingertips, revealing just as much as needed for the story. Like in her historical novel “A House in Luccoli”, she catches the atmosphere
in her descriptions of earlier days so well. “The library next door” leaves you with a smile and an urge to read more about these people, their fascination with books and music, and what happened next…

More about Diane’s short stories


Comments on: "“The Library Next Door” by Diane M Denton, a review" (11)

  1. Great review Ina, of a terrific short story. I am one of the many, Im sure, wanting to know what happens next 😊 L&H xx

  2. Diane did mention she might expand on it at some point; I hope so because I want to know what happens!! 😊 Xx

  3. Has Rose’s father been seeing one of the ladies next door???

  4. Lovely review Ina…can’t promise I will ever get around to reading this book but your words make me want to…

  5. Thank you so much for sharing, Ina! XO ♥

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