Leaving France

Your words became dust
blowing over the land
finding sea. Fading,
life seemed at its best,
in the grey of Normandy,
as was the smell of dying flowers.

The breeze brings whispers
of our time together, while memories
linger over lavender fields.
Now the cliffs of France
are disappearing, as is
the smell of her blossom.

I shall look for your words
wherever I go, in every smile
will be reflexions of our days,
memories of blooming fields
and how we ran through the colours
and how we were one with the world.

Comments on: "Leaving France" (22)

  1. I love how melancholy and flowers meander alongside each other in your poem Ina. Just lovely. L&H xx

  2. nice balance between the satisfaction of love and the melancholy of its passing.

  3. A beautiful, gentle love poem.

    You do them so well

    Much Love


  4. More moving beauty of language and thought

  5. So sadly romantic … my favorite kind of love poetry. Beautifully written, Ina! XO β™₯

    • Thank you Diane πŸ™‚ It was written with the memory of a short but impressive friendship during my childhood in mind but it reads like a love poem, I agree πŸ™‚ β™₯ xx

  6. “How we ran through the colours….and were one with the world.” It doesn’t get any better than that. Just lovely, Ina

  7. We’ll always have Paris.

  8. Gorgeous, all of it. You seem to have a unique rhythm that is easy to “fall into”. I love it.

  9. Excellent and stunning poem, Ina. I love how you worded memories and melancholy in a fading scenery.. super!
    groetjes, Francina πŸ™‚ xx

  10. deepest feelings…i am lost for words

  11. A lovely love poem, Ina, and the faint whiff of fragrance as while memories replace the being in a moment. Wonderful work.

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