About to crash
yet I know I’m stronger,
about to give in,
still I won’t.
I am still moving further on.

Never the one
to obey authority,
the guide already dead and gone,
I shall go my own way,
the path meandering.

What do I mean to others,
what am I to myself,
which path to explore first?
I take some detours, not
in a hurry to find my destination.

Over misty cliffs,
through deserts,
down the deep,
that’s the route
I plan to go.

About to crash
and lost at times,
so lost at times,
but never
bending for my fears.

On parallel roads the others
move into the same direction,
this voyage takes us through landscapes
we never knew about.

The flower’s there
where no one seeks her,
meeting me
where nothing grows
but faith that I can make it.

The place is called
the lost horizon,
that’s where I’ll be
if I achieve
to be myself in darker moments.


Comments on: "Pilgrimage" (13)

  1. This is wonderful Ina and a poem I can relate to so much.

    Keep going a day at a time and keep smiling, but its ok also to have days not smiling because that’s real. L&H ❤ xxx

  2. I keep saying how much I enjoy your verse and I really do. It is ‘stand out’ good. I wonder how you are progressing in terms of recognition. Howe your book sells and that kind of thing. You deserve a lot of success in my opinion, based on the depth of your thoughts and your language.

    • Hi Peter, I am very pleased that you keep saying that 🙂 Thank you so very much! I always enjoy your perceptive writing too! My books (the English poetry books,) are selling in a rather slow pace, I am afraid, and I don’t have the time, money nor energy really to do much promotion so I hope for reviews to help a bit 🙂

  3. Hi Ina….Your poem today reminds me of one of my favorites by Langston Hughes, a black American poet (1902-1967).I know it by heart and repeat it to myself sometimes.


    Wave of sorrow
    Do not drown me now.

    I see an island
    Still ahead somehow.

    I see an island
    And it’s sands are fair.

    Wave of sorrow
    Take me there.

  4. A poem of great courage.

    I can relate to it a lot.

    Keep going!!!!


  5. I love the reflection of this poem, Ina … there is such strength and sense of perseverance in it. My favorite verse is:
    ‘The flower’s there
    where no one seeks her,
    meeting me
    where nothing grows
    but faith that I can make it.’ As David said, ‘keep going’, especially with your writing! XO ♥

  6. I connect so strongly to this poem and to all of your poetry, as do so many others…it is because you always speak the language of the human heart…thank you for your words Ina..

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