The sea is my mother

12jnari14 031

With waves her arms the sea is my mother,
she rocks me slowly when I am a child,
when I disobey her her senses go wild
and she keeps me away from the world.

When I love, my mother approaches
on the beach she observes and approves,
when we hug, she reclines in her moves
to leave us alone during neap tide and ebb.

With my children about to be born,
she hugged me tender and whispered a name,
every time as I called her, she came
giving strength in the rhythm she rocked me.

When I die I shall walk through the waves
finding arms that for ever will hold me
as my mother is always the sea
always there to look after me well.


Comments on: "The sea is my mother" (19)

  1. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Perfect rhythm for waves and words in this outstanding poem. Fine tone and phraseology also. Excellent work – well done.

  3. Such power she has to give and take…I grew beside her, she grew within me…I saw her cast bodies onto her beach…I saw her in moonlight with lovers…I have inhaled her salty breath all of my life…I love her and respect her and fear her…your mother is my mother and you have spoken well of her in beauty…

  4. I love your sea poems Ina and this photo is a perfect accompaniment to this one.
    L&H xx

  5. I’m lulled, transfixed by the “wonderful” in this–sea poems are in a class by themselves.

  6. A most beautiful Mother…

  7. Yes, others have said it, but it is so beautiful, and full of those tones and colours I love in your poetry

  8. I love this.

    I find it both warming and reassuring

    Much Love


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