Business, his and hers

You keep yourself disguised in such grey suits:
a tie, a jacket, trousers also grey,
and look like all those men, important. May
your legs find mine, released of my red boots.

The daily dirt is staying in your hair,
you smell of sweat and travelling by train
and on your collar I can see a stain
that won’t be gone tomorrow. We don’t care.

Your mind is still elsewhere when we make love,
but slowly, by the time the night is gone,
my stroking hands and kisses might have won.
You close your eyes and I know it’s enough.

Whenever these fine moments are no more,
it will be on the day that we shall split,
and business won’t be like it was before.


Comments on: "Business, his and hers" (12)

  1. cynthia jobin said:

    That first stanza is a terrific poem, all by itself! Great fun, Ina.

  2. I love this; don’t know how you do it! I envy your talent, in a good way though. Envy can sound very negative, I shall think of a better word. Applaud your talent, that’s better! 😊

    L&H xx ❤

    • lol thank you very much Christine 🙂 I applaud your commenting craft ! I usually don’t know what to say about a poem than that I like it. lol 🙂 L&H ❤

  3. You always capture a moment so well. Its a pleasure to enjoy your observations, and the way you express them

  4. I like what you have done here. Skilfully managed and well expressed.

  5. Evocative of so much shared humanity, as always…

  6. Another gentle, yet deeply felt, love poem.

    You do them so well

    Much love
    David xxx

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