When the deep
is under your feet,
you are falling,
black walls closing in
and all seems over.

No one can help you there
but it is not over.
This fall with no length will end,
reality coming back in time,
your loneliness is a phase.

You will find the stairs upwards,
the hand reaching out to lift you out of the deep
is already there for you.
It is your own hand.
It is your own strength.

Comments on: "Strength" (13)

  1. Loved it Ina! Very positive and self -help is the best help!
    If U can, plz drop at :

  2. This really moved me Ina. We are stronger than we think. I came across something the other day that said “you don’t know how strong you are until you have to be”. That makes sense to me because Im experiencing it right now.

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you and I am sorry that you have to experience it yourself. I am too at the moment so I realized that plan B, depending on the help of others, is really plan B. This is plan A πŸ™‚ L&H xx

  3. Its always a good thing to have a plan B. hope you are ok soon ❀xx

  4. cynthia jobin said:

    Winston Churchill’s “Black Dog”, my own Griselda…..maybe some comes inevitably from hanging around poetry…..strength needed, yes, but also patience and understanding…what I am calling, these days, “deep rest”…..

  5. This is wonderful Ina.
    Just what I needed to read this morning!!


    • Hi David,

      Thank you very much πŸ™‚
      I am glad it was something you needed.


      I mean, I am glad for it to have a purpose. Sorry to hear you needed it!

  6. I needed this right now dear Ina…thank you for this wise beauty…

  7. Ina, so nicely written….God bless!

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