The secret

Has she ever left this house
where no matter what season
no flowers seem to grow
and thoughts don’t show in laughter, not ever.
Did she once leave this place,
this street? This room?
If so, not in this century.
She has been there for always.

Framed behind her window glass
the widow’s face is showing. She stares,
portrayed in stillness she is watching
how slowly the snow is covering the street
in glistening smiles all over her buried memories,
and she smiles too, or so it seems,
overlooking other winters with piles
of corpses that she can’t forget.

Her image stays untouched, is centered
in the red bricks of the house
that her father built
over a hundred years ago
and where her mother died
after her seventh child was born
and where she herself cried, mourned
silently over losing both her husbands.

The street is white now
and her hair is grey now.
She’s always there. Maybe she died
and told no one that she had done so
and there was no one else to tell about it,
so no one knows.
She could always keep
a secret very well.

Today is my birthday and I was thinking about aging 🙂 And last year a woman was found who had been lying dead in her house for ten years, that had something to do with this poem too 🙂


Comments on: "The secret" (15)

  1. kwicksand said:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Reblogged this on misha4197's Blog and commented:
    Lovely poem 🙂

  3. This is a great poem Ina! 10 years is a long time!!

    Happy Birthday! I hope its a good one. Enjoy our special day. L&H xx

  4. What a very sad story, but you have told it so well.

    Happy Birthday


  5. David Eric Cummins said:

    Incredible that no one would notice someone gone for 10 years!

    Happy Birthday, Ina! 🙂

  6. Wishing you a very happy, and blessed birthday. That story is beyond pathetic and tragic–but I don’t doubt it; if I were not renting, it could easily be my own one day.

    • Thank you very much Caddo. The real story of that woman was a tragedy, she had a daughter but no contact anymore and the neighbours seemed to think she had moved out.

  7. Happy Birthday, Ina, a day late here! Hope you had a lovely day!

    That there is anyone in this world that would not be missed for 10 years is such a sad statement .. especially that she had a daughter. Even if they did not get along … she – the daughter – should’ve checked up on her mother somehow. This poem expresses the tragedy of a life lived and then as if it never happened. XO ♥

    • Hi Diane, thank you, it was very nice 🙂

      The woman got her daughter at the age of 16. When the daughter wanted to restore contact, het mother didn’t answer the door so the daughter thought she didn’t want to… Awww! XX

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