The place

19okt13 brandarisrace 014

Not far from my home is a place
I come every time when I walk;
a space just to see nothing changed.

Ships go by and the ferry leaves port;
people wave. The sea wears the colour
of lead or is blue. Sometimes green.

Seagulls decide not to be fed
by passengers throwing pieces of bread,
enough to feed all. The birds are not keen.

They stay circling over my head,
maybe just for a talk as they
might be messengers and you sent them off.

If I listen with care I may know
what it is that you’re trying to say,
what is was that you had to go.

Comments on: "The place" (14)

  1. Interesting work. Strong word choice and creative meter; well done.

  2. Today I’m obsessively dropping music as I go around…

  3. My sort of poem.
    My sort of place

    Love it

    Much love

  4. Another perfect duo Ina! Wonderful

    L&H xx

  5. I always love your words, and such places as you have in the picture, are where I feel happiest

  6. a haunting sense of place in every way Ina…

  7. Prachtig , Ina!

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