Life probably is not

I know what it’s not to me: Life.
It is not about experience
although one could look back in time
and be content: “so much achieved”,
one could be mute and angry too,
whatever: I shall make some notes.

Life is not the voyage to death;
that is only the dark side track,
that we die – not that important.
What makes life our reason to be?
Maybe I know what life is not.
However, I make notes and see.

For me so far life was a dream,
a journey, an adventure too,
a waiting to be found and find.
Discovery. To learn and give,
a life to live is worth it all:
all pain, each downside and the fall.

Comments on: "Life probably is not" (7)

  1. I think this is wonderful

    Thoughts to keep me going on long winter days 🙂

    Much Love

    • Hi David, thank you very much!

      Life… it is all and we know so little of the why’s and the hows!

      Much love to you too! 🙂

  2. Sometimes ‘making notes’ seems all there is to do.

  3. I shall make a note of that 🙂

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