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Life probably is not

I know what it’s not to me: Life.
It is not about experience
although one could look back in time
and be content: “so much achieved”,
one could be mute and angry too,
whatever: I shall make some notes.

Life is not the voyage to death;
that is only the dark side track,
that we die – not that important.
What makes life our reason to be?
Maybe I know what life is not.
However, I make notes and see.

For me so far life was a dream,
a journey, an adventure too,
a waiting to be found and find.
Discovery. To learn and give,
a life to live is worth it all:
all pain, each downside and the fall.

Winter idyll

a winter flower
life emerging through the snow
no sunbeam shows up

winter proceeding
hoarse crows find food under snow
all in blue darkness

a lonely cyclist
air running through his hair
no finish to reach

layers of snow conceal
wounds of the bicycle tracks
a broken flower

a dead crow in snow
run over by ignorance
tears of the black birds

satisfied cyclist
proud to have challenged winter
no respect for life

nature revenging
ten black birds come to his house
beaks puncturing tyres


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