A whisper

19okt13 brandarisrace 022

It seems so easily to find
all that you mean to me right here
where surf and tide rule over mind,
the place we said our last goodbye.
You live in shells. In murmurations
many birds move on, towards you
but not sure of their direction.

A whisper comes from over sea
with every wave rolling ashore.
It is your voice. In every sigh,
you come to me to be on land.
You’re more and more a part of me,
then ebb away so easily.
You wash before me on the beach.

You stay at distance, out of reach,
you tease, as if you do not want
to touch my sand. You are
a whisper that with every wave
becomes more part of me. It seems
so easily from where I stand
until the tide is turning.


Comments on: "A whisper" (13)

  1. another pair of beauties Ina…that photo is close to a painting…

    • Hi John, thank you very much! I made that photo of a ship race, old sailing ships that carry passengers, it was the end of the season and many more ships were in it, the one my son works on as well, I love sailing ships!

  2. This is beautiful Ina! And the photo says the word “whisper” to me.

    L&H xx

  3. Good read! And love the pic!

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