the train a zipper
opening the white landscape
snow covers the track

I won’t come back
I won’t come back
I won’t come back

silence left behind
sheep didn’t even notice
I passed them so fast


Comments on: "Leaving" (20)

  1. This is excellent Ina and the train as a zipper is a terrific metaphor ! I love it 😊 you have said so much in so few words.
    L&H xx

  2. Delightful – lovely aural tone. Well done.

  3. cynthia jobin said:

    I like the clickety-clack of “I won’t come back”…..

  4. zipper train..amazing image…agree with Cynthia about “I won’t come back”…good one Ina…

  5. “the train a zipper
    opening the white landscape”

    I do love it when a poet takes the simple step of avoiding a simile. You’re on fire lately.

  6. Splendid, Ina. The zipper … the sound of the train on the rails …

  7. And all the untold stories that will never come back … Love this, Ina! XO

  8. amber decker said:

    I love this! Simple, but certainly not simplistic…and a bit sad. The mention of sheep reminded me of riding on the train through Scotland. I’ll be purchasing a copy of Amour as soon as I’m able. 🙂

    • Hi Amber, thank you very much!

      Sheep! Once I was in a train from Troon in Scotland to Newcastle, and there was a delay because of sheep on the rails 🙂 nearly missed the ferry to IJmuiden. I remember the station master apologizing for that. I told him there would be another ferry the next day, no worries, but he was really concerned 🙂

  9. I love this one, Ina 🙂

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