Father’s hand

I do not remember your hand in mine
but you once lifted me on your shoulders
but you once hit me in the face
but your hand was the hand of a father
you were my father and I remember you well
but not your hand in mine ever

6dec13 015


Comments on: "Father’s hand" (24)

  1. My old memories flashed through the mind after reading this! Thank ya so much for this wonderful post.

    – Rahul

  2. t h i n g s + f l e s h said:

    a devotional wonder, a gifted poet. perfectly lovely, Ina. tony

  3. how terribly sad for you

  4. I felt sad reading this one Ina . L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, sorry to make you feel sad. After I made the photo, I wanted to do something with it, and this poem sort of came out of the deep, it even made me cry myself, which is a bit odd perhaps. I was a difficult depressed teen, my father only lost his temper like that once I think (my mother much more often) , I had no clue how to be “a better daughter” .

  5. I am sure you were more than good enough. ❤

  6. So sad for you. It sounds a bit like my relationship with my father, but things improved as we got older – he mellowed and I rebelled less!

    • Hi Libby, my father was at sea lot as I grew up, I didn’t have a good relationship with him, and there were ohter things that made it difficult. Good that your relationship with your father improved later on! 🙂

  7. Wow. This poem packs a punch in the style of the act it describes. Poignant – well done.

  8. Well, generally speaking Ina it is not usual anyway for teens to hold their parents hands, they would think it weird if you tried…”but not your hand in mine ever”…now that is sad…physical contact with our little ones is sooo important and lasts forever into their futures…my sons, now in their 20s, are two of the warmest huggers I know….oxo

    • 🙂 That sounds good, you have a loving family.
      I can remember my father and me “frolic” (what a weird word, but it is is the translation I found for “stoeien” lol) and also dancing in the streets of Rotterdam after we saw Mary Poppins! but walking and holding hands – never happened I think. xx

  9. “Having hit you in your face
    I couldn’t bring myself to take your hand;
    but tell me – up there on my shoulders –
    do you remember what you saw,
    how far, how fine to look down?”

  10. This is indeed a painful poem.

  11. Raw and honest, Ina. Sad but somehow understanding. My father was never very affectionate and had a temper … but always felt bad about it … my lifting on his shoulders was being taken out for ice cream. Love can be very convoluted sometimes. XO

    • Hi Diane, thank you very much! My father also had a temper at times, he suffered from depression, so that might have caused it, not sure. It was great to be so high on your father’s shoulders, wasn’t it though ? I remember he came home from sea after 18 months and he just lifted me up in the street. I had no idea who he was lol. 🙂

  12. So very sad.

    So much emotion in so very few words.



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