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Like a grain of sand in the wind,
when a storm blows over land,
losing touch, flying your way
across waves before landing
in cold water, sinking into sea
to be forgotten
this is my love for you.

It won’t reach you in due time
but like the grain it will stay put
remain and waiting without change
as part of this earth
amongst so many others
that wash back to the shore
to become a piece of strand again.

My love for you won’t leave me
even in this storm. Like a grain
it is solid, indestructible.
It might sink into sea, but will return.
Like a grain of sand on the beach,
it has a chance that you will find it.
And that your hand will lift it up again.

Trees and Seagulls

A wonderful poem

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This poem owes everything in terms of inspiration to Mary Oliver’s poem ‘Wild Geese’
It also borrows heavily from the structure and format of that poem.
I make no apology for any of that.
And I trust that Mary Oliver would approve.


Trees and Seagulls

You do not have to regret.
You do not have to lose yourself
in a frenzy of self-recrimination.
You do not have to surround yourself
with a phalanx of if-onlys, maybes,
what-ifs and shoulds or oughts.

For if you are here at all
you are a survivor.
For if you are here at all
you are where you are meant to be.

You are a person crafted from
your own experiences;
you do not have to pretend otherwise.
Rather celebrate the person
you have become.

Tell me about dark days, yours,
and I will tell you about mine.

Meanwhile the trees outside your window

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