Geese flight

Inhaling crisp air coming from the Pole,
I watch the geese move in their restless wiggle waggle
bound for the voyage and to fly away.
They feel the cold increasing, almost frost.

The sun shines low and blinds me,
with both eyes closed I listen to them call
as they start leaving for the South.
Sun can not blind a bird, you say.

I don’t want to believe you.
To me they close their eyes
the moment they leave ground. You
seem to know more about life than me, though.

Here all grows dead, the nights now cold,
we must have been forgotten,
I haven’t heard from anyone. December gray
has slowly moved up in the woods.

I can not blame the geese for leaving.
If I could fly, not blinded by the Sun
I’d follow them into adventure. If I could fly
and drift as free as feathers of a bird.

Today perhaps they’ll go away
and no one knows their destiny,
what makes them go there anyway.
Above us hours of ruffling wings.

A feather zigzags slowly down, a promise
to return in Spring, or maybe a goodbye for ever.
You try to reach for it but it gets lost in mist.
You can not catch a feather in free fall, I say.


Comments on: "Geese flight" (12)

  1. I love this poem Ina! You’ve captured a perfect moment with your meandering thoughts, and the feather at the end is really moving.

    L&h XX

    • Thank you Christine πŸ™‚

      I hope the geese will be back next Spring! Some stay here all winter! πŸ™‚ L&H xx

  2. cynthia jobin said:

    I agree with Christine….this is a lovely seasonal meander

  3. A flock of geese in flight is a wonderful sight and you have captured it well.

  4. I love geese myself, and often see them on my walks but like you, “If I could fly, not blinded by the Sun
    I’d follow them into adventure” Yes I would, but I cannot, and that is part of the bittersweet nature of it all. Another poet I greatly admire once said, “The heart of standing is you cannot fly” and we both understand that. Knowledge is freeing and imprisoning at the same time. Thought provoking verses from you, as always.

    • Hi Peter, thank you very much. πŸ™‚ I read that birds get some oil in their eyes, like sunglasses, so they are not blinded, fascinating I think πŸ™‚

  5. What Christine said.

    I do think this is one of your very best


  6. We have geese flying north and south over us in spring and winter respectively, and I often envy their freedom while in awe at their daring. Lovely again, Ina! XO

    • Geese are becoming a pest so they say, too many of them the farmers complain, but I like them very much. πŸ™‚ Thank you Diane! xx

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