Heathen in church

On heathen days we might be blessed,
as we have no religion, you and I,
we dwell in churches
to seek shelter from the rain
but find tears in our eyes
as we are not alone here.

The people who once prayed
under this roof, between these walls
linger in a crowded way, unseen,
we feel the cold damp sadness,
not from the rain that falls outside
nor from the mould. They are the prayers.

In desperation voices whisper, beg and stay,
a pray for afterlife to give them hope,
and then they suffer till their death
but they are heard beyond their graves,
beyond their time. Beyond belief.

We seldom leave an ancient church in joy.
We seldom cope with such abundant misery.


Comments on: "Heathen in church" (17)

  1. powerful and evocative piece Ina…

  2. That’s a vibrant picture you paint there, Ina.

  3. This is a powerful poem Ina! Churches can have different effects on me; in some I feel a warmth, in others I feel shivery and need to get out! Its weird!

    Spending our time praying desperately for the afterlife denies us the joy we can have while we are in this one! Thats what I think anyway šŸ˜Š l&H xx

    • Hi Christine, yes, there seems to be a certain thing in churches! I see any afterlife as a bonus that I am not in a hurry to find out. For most people, joy comes and goes, sometimes it is gone altogether or so it seems. I think we are fortunate to live now in this era though. That is some joy šŸ™‚ and the rest is what we make of it, in spite of difficulties perhaps. šŸ™‚ L&H xxx

  4. It is a very powerful piece. I think a lot about the changing systems of belief, and how these churches stand as ancient monuments to a different world view and order. Love your powms

  5. Yes I totally agree its what you make it. And also agree we are fortunate to live now. If I didnt have acces to the internet, I think MS would leave me feeling pretty isolated. Thats only one reason of course… šŸ˜Š Xx

  6. I have often found solace in churches.
    Not in religion but in churches!!!


  7. Very well written, Ina! To follow on David’s comment: I am only a church-goer when they are not ‘in service’ and open to echoes. XO

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