A Caring Woman in Winter

There is no telling how long days will be dark,
depending on weather, calendar and mood;
she is knitting a sweater, the sort that he wears
on days when the Pole air enters the house,
the arms by now three times the arms of a man.
This makes her feel good. Though he tried,
there is no stopping a woman in Winter who cares.


Comments on: "A Caring Woman in Winter" (12)

  1. I can see the scene of her knitting that LONG-armed sweater, Ina! Makes me smile in amusement but also tenderness. It’s the thought that counts! XO

    • 🙂 lol thank you Diane!

      I once knitted a scarf, very simple, in thick black wool for a boyfriend. The relationship ended before the scarf was ready, but he wanted to have it anyway. I finished it in tears and it got very long lol. He later said he used the scarf in his car when it was cold. I think there were some hairs of me knitted in the thing, he said it was a souvenir. We women go nuts when we care! 😉

  2. There’s an underlying metrical ripple to this that I like.

  3. I made a sweater once for a boyfriend who stated quite clearly he wanted to marry me. Then dumped me by saying he had something for me -poison! I wish I had strangled him with the long arms of that sweater. I will never waste my valuable time kniting again for any man, however much I love him!! He can buy his own damn sweaters! Lol

    L &H x

    • lol I don’t knitt anymore either (see my reply to Diane) I was never fond of doing it anyway!
      Poison! Nice! What a nasty jerk… You should have knitted him a straight jacket maybe!

      L&H xxx

  4. Ha! Apart from the poison, we had a similar experience!! Why do we do it?! Once bitten etc etc!

    He got in touch 40 years later via friends reunited and apologised!- Too damn late!!!! 😄 Xx

  5. 😄 There another poem! Lol xx ❤

  6. There’s currently a commercial on USA tv featuring a grandma who knits “cozies” for everything, including not just the teapot and the toaster but even the Christmas tree and her grandson whose voice comes from inside the knitted dome that encloses him…hilarious, but it captures the kind of “caring” you speak of in this poem. Nice!

    • lol thank you Cynthia, that’s funny, I suppose wrapping our beloved and dearest (thing or person) to keep them save and warm is something that women worldwide want to do! 🙂

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