Ici dans l’hémisphère nord,
doucement la tristesse du mort
se glisse au bord de l’eau grise,
où l’église se trouve
perdue en plein brouillard.

L’automne est la saison des récoltes,
du vin et des pommes de terre, mais aussi
des couleurs foncées, sombres, oui, ici
je me souviens seulement
la douleur et le noir.

This is my first attempt to do a French poem, excussez moi already for mistakes that are bound to have happened and thank you for suggestions that might improve the above 🙂

Translated in English:


Here in the Northern hemisphere
the sadness of death
softly slides near the water,
where the church finds itself
lost in dense mist.

Autumn is the season of harvests,
of wine and potatoes, but also
of dark, dreary colours, yes, here
I only recall
the pain and the black.

In Dutch:


Hier op het noordelijk halfrond
sluipt de triestheid van de dood
zachtjes tot aan het water
waar de kerk zichzelf verliest
in dichte mist.

Herfst is het seizoen van oogsten,
van wijn en aardappels maar ook
van donkere, sombere tinten, ja, hier
herinner ik me enkel
de pijn en het zwart.

Comments on: "Automne" (29)

  1. I can only vouch for the English version but I thought it dark and fantastic

  2. cynthia jobin said:

    Mais je crois que tu as tres bien fait, Ina….une belle et sombre peinture, pleine de grace.(pardon, s.v.p., ma tablette n’ecrit pas les accents graves, aigus, ni circonflexes!)

  3. Merci beaucoup Cynthia! Une peinture mélancolique peut être!

    Pas de problème, je déteste les accents lol 🙂

  4. Call me obsessive-compulsive, but I’m going to do it again:

    ‘église’ has an acute accent, and as it is feminine, ‘perdue’ should have a final ‘e’ to agree with it.

    Nice work, works very well trilingually. 🙂

    • Hi obsessive-compulsive 🙂 thank you very much. I was awake all night thinking “ici” should be with an accent circonflexe but not so. I had not looked up the sex of the church lol 🙂

  5. Lovely poem. The French version is far better than I would have managed, as for the Dutch – not a chance! I’m full of admiration.

  6. Total admiration also from a failed linguist – can barely understand my own language – your take on this season speaks to me but I guess we do have the mystery comet to light our darkness…

  7. Great poem! And you are now multi- lingual as well as poetically brilliant! 😊

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, lol well thank you very much 🙂 I haven’t used French for a long time, it probably makes French people frown their eyebrows but it was a nice challenge 🙂 L&H xx

  8. Hoi Ina, ik vind het een heel mooi gedicht.. de nederlands versie vind ik persoonlijk het mooist. In mijn ogen leest het Frans best goed maar mijn Frans is erg roestig. 🙂 knap gedaan hoor!
    groetjes, Francina 🙂

    • Hoi Francina, dank je wel, Nederlands is eigenlijk wel zo gemakkelijk, met je moerstaal fiets je het verst misschien. Ik denk er over om maar wat meer in mijn eigen taal te proberen. Mijn Frans is trouwens echt heel minimaal 🙂 ik haakte ooit af toen ze al die verschillende werkwoordstijden en vervoegingen bleken te hebben 🙂 Niet te doen als je maar weinig Frans hoort! Groetjes!

  9. I never cease to be impressed by your linguistic talents.

    It sounds extremely good when read aloud in French 🙂

    But my take on Autumn is different to yours (but you know that) 🙂

    Much love

    David xxx

    • 🙂 Hi David,

      thank you very much. It was the rhyming of the French words that I liked to try 🙂
      I know you like Autumn and it does you good. I get a bit depressed by the darkness and the lamp on all day 🙂

      Much love xxx

  10. Quelle surprise … félicitations!

  11. Colin Morley said:

    Impressionant que tu écris maintenant dans les trois langues! Une seule toute petite chose:
    “ou l’église se trouve” devait etre ” où se trouve l’église” – The accents are a nuisance, but sometimes all-important – ou = or où = where!
    All this from someone who speaks only English and a bit of French! I envy your linguistic abilities.

  12. Hi Colin,
    thank you. I am sure you do very well in French as you happen to live there 🙂

    English is a lot more user friendly I think, so I hope, that if the EU has to pick a language for all countries, it will be English and not French or German! (Of course it won’t be Dutch!)

    I put the accent where it should now, thank you for helping! Not sure about the change of word order, so I shall leave that as is 🙂

  13. I am so in awe that you add yet another language to your writing repertoire, Ina! And, the poem is lovely, although I enjoy the autumn and welcome the world stripping down and the shorter days … more time to curl into myself like a caterpillar. What makes art so wonderful is how each artists sees and experiences and expresses uniquely. XO

    • Thank you very much Diane. I like your caterpillar metaphor! French sounds rather nice but the grammar is too much a pain I think. If you don’t hear the language every day, it is difficult to use it ! I studied Russian for 2 years, a translator course, to find out the same thing. I am so lucky to hear English every day on tv 🙂 Downton Abbey!

  14. Beautiful and all the versions sound unique in their own way even tho it is one same poem.

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