They sat with innocent carelessness
on the thin designerโ€™s chairs
that in their elegant invisibility
made the chatting ladies seem
two floating female buddhas but with hats,
who by some religious miracle
were above the rules of gravity,
until the weight of one of them
caused a break in their almighty faith,
hence showing the designers mean depravity.


Comments on: "Garden tea party; dress code cocktail" (14)

  1. *Grin*

    Another poem which leaves me chuckling


  2. Laughing out loud! L&H xx

  3. Lol! Most designers are! ๐Ÿ˜„

  4. Whoa! Nice!

    [lose the apostrophe in ‘buddhas’, perhaps?]

  5. hilarious…

  6. Wonderful! But wouldn’t work for a furniture ad now, would it? Love the ‘two floating female buddhas’ line. XO

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