The moment of our last goodbye,
you almost lying in your coffin,
me too curious for questions,

so dark it was that evening,
one lamp burning where you lied,
the morgue in the old people’s home.

Your eyes, still open, seemed surprised
that death had taken you. I left, but
kept the light on later in the night.

You never came to haunt me though.
My guess is that you felt alright
where ever they had made you go.

And sometimes when the day is grey
and all cries death, I share your view,
the last time that you took a breath.

Comments on: "Grandfather" (9)

  1. Twisted, dark but beneath all these lies a hope for eternity, an eternal here after!

  2. Enjoyed the poem Ina. Made me think about things Id rather avoid! Lol It actually made me think of my father and how he died; he smiled his way there, it was pretty amazing

    L&H xx

  3. somehow a comforting poem , Ina… made me remind my father’s smile when he had passed away.. love and hugs , Francina

    • Hoi Francina, dank je!

      Dat hoor je dus vaker, wat mooi dat dat ook kan. Groetjes en een liefdevolle knuffel!

  4. this is a Very Fine poem.

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