11 x 11 words

a certain being
I try to adjust less,
without future nuisance.

adjust to a nuisance
I, being less,
try without certain future.

a nuisance
certain less to being
I try, adjust without future.

being a nuisance,
I try, adjust to future.
without less.

a nuisance,
without being certain
I try to adjust less.

less certain,
without being a nuisance
I try to adjust.

I try a certain future,
adjust to being less
without nuisance.

I try less. adjust being
to a certain future
without nuisance.

less I try to adjust
without being a certain nuisance:

to being less nuisance
I try, adjust
without a certain future.

without a try being certain,
I adjust less
to future nuisance


Just playing a bit, I think there must be a lot more possible combinations with these eleven words 🙂

Comments on: "11 x 11 words" (4)

  1. That took a lot of working out, it would make a great poetry challenge 🙂

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