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11 x 11 words

a certain being
I try to adjust less,
without future nuisance.

adjust to a nuisance
I, being less,
try without certain future.

a nuisance
certain less to being
I try, adjust without future.

being a nuisance,
I try, adjust to future.
without less.

a nuisance,
without being certain
I try to adjust less.

less certain,
without being a nuisance
I try to adjust.

I try a certain future,
adjust to being less
without nuisance.

I try less. adjust being
to a certain future
without nuisance.

less I try to adjust
without being a certain nuisance:

to being less nuisance
I try, adjust
without a certain future.

without a try being certain,
I adjust less
to future nuisance


Just playing a bit, I think there must be a lot more possible combinations with these eleven words πŸ™‚


The moment of our last goodbye,
you almost lying in your coffin,
me too curious for questions,

so dark it was that evening,
one lamp burning where you lied,
the morgue in the old people’s home.

Your eyes, still open, seemed surprised
that death had taken you. I left, but
kept the light on later in the night.

You never came to haunt me though.
My guess is that you felt alright
where ever they had made you go.

And sometimes when the day is grey
and all cries death, I share your view,
the last time that you took a breath.

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