Your voice

Your voice does things for me, like colours do,
a bright red on a sort of turquoise blue,
your sentences surprising to my mind.

I like to dream away with just that voice,
and think: could there have been a better choice,
should I have waited, til you knew to find?

I can not say I am not happy now,
I try to live the best way I know how,
without your voice but in my memory.

Sometimes I think I hear your laugh somewhere,
it’s only in my mind. I am aware
that I’m alone when you are not with me.


Comments on: "Your voice" (7)

  1. A lovely gentle lullaby of a love poem πŸ™‚

    Much Love

  2. This is just lovely, Ina,….the rhyme and cadence give it a dream effect, I think.

  3. The voice of a certain person can evoke very deep emotions. Tour poem is lovely and dreamy.

    L &H xx

  4. My typos are getting worse and so is my checking! – “your” xx

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