Sisyphus kept trying but how many times
he tried to move the rock up on the hill.
‘I am the man who moved the stone,
I know my goal, my effort may be so in vain
but I am trying for your love,’ you said comparing.

Your time on Earth was penalty and fall;
my times with you are more mundane in café meetings,
in whispers sepia and silence.
All I carry with me from our love
are lies so heavily a burden on my shoulders:

such burdens, atrocities and more, but always
I found you back again, your touch. My Sisyphus.
I keep the rocks that you have moved in secret boxes.
They are what matters to me most,
what holds and carries on my shoulders.

What more would love be anyway:
the necklace captures all of me,
you don’t weigh much in memory,
and I’ll await you up there, when
finally you’re there to meet me on the hill.


Comments on: "Sisyphus" (8)

  1. Ah, yes, Sisyphus 🙂 Nice interpretation.

  2. Ah, those rocks, that hill, the secret boxes…

  3. Poor old Sisyphus! I love the way this flows Ina and the last stanza is a gem.

    L&H xx

    • Thank you 🙂 The myths are inspiring, though I don’t do many poems inspired by myths. It was fun trying!

      L&H xxx

  4. You have made this work extremely well.

    I love that you are prepared to take on a challenge and then run with it.

    well done you


    • 🙂 Thank you very much David. It was fun to do, I wrote it rather fast, in one go. I think your Siren Song is absolutely beautiful! Arohanui xxx

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