Emanating havoc from the tempest waves
the storm makes landfall in the Autumn night,
the loudest noises ruffle through the bending trees
amending thoughts and alternating purposes, creating fear:
a branch becomes a hanging tear, a rabbit tries to flee into the sea.
Then all is quiet in the woods, the storm is gone.
Under the rubble life emerges to go on.
The woods have changed their ranks
and storm laid down its anger.

Comments on: "Storm" (9)

  1. So many storms wreaking havoc lately. And now fhe awful tradegy in the Phillipines.
    Nature can be very cruel.

    L&H xx

    • Yes, the storms we get here, are moderate compared. And the money the EU is willing to give, it is so little?

  2. I know. I can hardly bear to think about it. As individuals we feel helpless I think xx

  3. Yes this makes me think of all those poor people struggling to make sense of life in all this wreckage, and those desperate for food and medical assistance

  4. I love that I only have to give you a word and a poem emanates from just that word 🙂

    Much love

    • 🙂 Hi David,
      lol well I like to use new words, it is the way to learn a language. Thank you for giving me the word. 🙂
      Much love

  5. You caught it perfectly Ina…

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