Downton Abbey

I could live in Downton Abbey
sometime before the Great War,
preferably not as servant, but even so,
I would love it there.
Carson and me we would be allies
from the day of my birth.
If I happened to be part of the upstairs clan,
I would give the maids a raise each year
and days off to go to the fair in Thirsk.

I would never think of money,
my father taking care of that.
Men would be interesting for conversation
but I would almost become a spinster.
Then fall in love with an artist
who painted my portrait
and was suspected of killing someone,
then have his child when I was in my forties,
causing a scandal but they all loved me anyway.

In the end, I would elope with Carson.
We would live in France
the rest of our rich lives.
and then of course all ends in 1914.

As a servant, I would fall in love with the son
and he with me, and we would see each other
secretly. In the end of course I would get his child
just before he dies of consumption
and it would cause a huge scandal.
I would elope with Carson,
who then married me
to make the child legit, the age difference
not bothering us at all.

I could live in Downton Abbey
but only before the Great War.



Comments on: "Downton Abbey" (9)

  1. pssst. ‘elope’ – amend and then delete this comment. 🙂


  2. I can see you are “hooked”! I am too! I could fall in love with Carson’s voice! Lol

    I think “downstairs” , though still quite raw, is painted a little more glossy than reality. But thats what these stories are all about after all!

    But yes, I could live there too. I would be like Mary. all her handsome suitors – oh to choose!! I would chose one then wish for a different one!!

    L&H xx

    • 🙂 He seems nice, the other men in the series don’t do much for me. I think I would not like the fashion of the twenties (I have hips and breasts that I couldn’t possibly flat away lol) but I like the dresses of about 1910 but without the corsets! 🙂

      L&H xx

  3. I love the fashion, and would really enjoy wearing those things! I love the flimsy, floaty material! And I also love the delicate cups and saucers, with silver teaspoons! Endless cups of tea being served!! Lol xx

  4. All that time to sit and have your hair done! We can dream!
    Now I cant wait for the next series! There is a special at Christmas and the next series in the spring. 😊 Xx

  5. Its all good! 😊 Xx

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